Howies Bait And Tackle

Howie’s Bait and Tackle is a full-service tackle center located in Sturgeon Bay, WI.  This supply store serves Door County and the surrounding area.  They seem to be more specialized in providing fishing equipment along with the necessary complementary accessories.  If you look, geographically this store specializes in providing fishing equipment in Lake Michigan and … Read more

Lew’s Xfinity Combo

The Lew’s Xfinity Combo has been a winner of Best of Fishing Combos six years in a row, and for a good reason. These fishing lures are perfectly calibrated to give you the most effective action, retrieve and look. The combos are ready-made and come with everything you need to catch more fish. And they … Read more

Pole Fish

You’re ready to start catching fish when you have a fishing pole. You’ll find that fishing with a bar is fun and highly effective. It offers the best accuracy of any type of fishing method. You can put your bait in the exact spot, quietly, and even in difficult-to-reach places. And you’ll never have to … Read more


If you are looking for a high-quality rod blank, RODgeeks is the company to look for. Whether you’re new to fishing or a pro, they offer a wide variety of rods and reels at a low price. The RODgeeks X-Comp series of inshore SW blanks were designed by Billy Vivona and Jason Brunner of St … Read more

Sixgill Rods

If you are a novice or are simply looking for a new fishing rod, Sixgill Rods are a great option. These rods are made in the United States, and you can use them for a variety of different species. In addition to allowing you to fish with ease, Sixgill rods are very affordable, and most … Read more

Fish And Bait

The debate over which is better for fishing is a constant one. Lures and baits each have their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the situation and target species, one type will likely work better than the other. Smart anglers will learn to be comfortable with both. Here are some tips for choosing the right bait … Read more

Flathead Lake Fishing Charters

When you visit Flathead Lake in Montana, you may have considered a Flathead Lake fishing charter. You may find the experience enjoyable, but you don’t want to go with a simple guide. A knowledgeable and experienced guide will know the best spots to fish and how to offer the best experience on the water. Here … Read more

FX rods

The FX rods are designed to be long enough to reach the fish. They’re designed to be lightweight and durable. The average FX rods are between six and seven feet long. Each one is designed to provide maximum strength and control. They can also be used for fly-fishing. Despite being extremely strong, the fly-fishing FX … Read more

Hook 360

The new HOOK 360deg is an eco-friendly, breathable neck gaiter that lets you access your camera from 360 degrees. The company’s first product, the HOOK 360deg neck gaiter, was created by a father-son team in the fall of 2018. Developed to protect your face from harmful UV rays, it offers UPF 30 protection and is … Read more

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