A variety of good fishing reels are commonly used.

Each fishing spot has different characteristics of a fishing reel, so choosing the right fishing reel is a good idea. So, what type of reel do anglers usually use?

You definitely want to choose a quality product, right? However, before choosing the best fishing reel, it is good to know the different types of these fishing reels so that you can choose the type of fishing reel according to your needs.

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1. Spinning Reel

The fishing reel most used by anglers is the best type because spinning reels are easy to use. Well, all you have to do is open the bail lever, grab the string before throwing the bait and throw the bait where you want it. If so, close the previously opened bail lever.

Usually this type of fishing reel is installed under the rod handle. It can be used in various fishing spots. There’s also a fishing reel section that allows you to adjust the amount of fish you want to draw on your fish. It’s the pull handle.

2. Spin Casting Fishing Reel

If you are a beginner in the world of fishing, this type of de-icing allows you to choose the best fishing reel. It is very easy to use this fishing reel. Just press the button on the top of the reel when you want to throw the bait until the thread comes out.

This type of reel is usually chosen for fishing relatively small fish. This reel requires a special fishing rod with a control chain on top, as the spinning type fishing reel installed under the rod is different from the knife installed above the rod.

3. Baitcasting Fishing Reel

If novice fishing reels are easy to use, professional anglers usually use bait fishing reels because bait fishing reels require good control skills to keep the threads from getting tangled when throwing them.

As the name suggests, this type of fishing reel requires casting skills. Of these, even the best fishing reels are mounted on a fishing rod. yes!

4. Fishing Reel Trolley

If you’ve ever used a casting technique, the best fishing reels of this type are used for either your trolling technique or bait-carrying technique at sea with a speed-determined vessel.

Trolley fishing reels are made using the highest quality materials, so don’t be surprised if they cost more. Also, these types of fishing reels have a larger shape, traction and rotation, so it’s no surprise that these fishing reels weigh more.

5. Fly Fishing Reel

The best fly fishing reels are rarely used in Indonesia because fly fishing techniques use very light baits. Therefore, special skills are required so that the fish can eat the thrown bait. Well, what many people do when using this type of fishing reel is to wind the fly’s thread.

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