If you are looking for a high-quality rod blank, RODgeeks is the company to look for. Whether you’re new to fishing or a pro, they offer a wide variety of rods and reels at a low price. The RODgeeks X-Comp series of inshore SW blanks were designed by Billy Vivona and Jason Brunner of St Croix, Virgin Islands. The blanks took over a year to develop and require six modifications. Each one has unique features to meet the needs of anglers and builders.

Shipping is $18-30 for each blank. Keep in mind that shipping will increase the price of your order. You should consider buying multiple blanks to save money. Otherwise, the shipping cost can add up. This is a great place to buy your blanks. There are also various options for reloading, so you don’t have to worry about reloading them. But, if you have no time to wait for your order to arrive, RODgeeks is the place to shop.

If you’re looking for the best spinning rod for saltwater fishing, Rodgeeks has the answer. Its proprietary carbon fiber technology allows the blank to be highly sensitive to anglers’ movements. Its low resin content eliminates micro-buckling caused by the prepreg process, which deforms carbon fibers caught in chaotic motion. Its exclusive curing system produces durable, smooth-action blanks. And because it uses single, unbroken carbon fiber, each RODgeeks casting rod is more responsive than its counterpart.

RODgeeks’ list of the Best Fishing Rope Blanks includes St. Croix. They have the same technologies found in the LEGEND brand’s rods. They also offer the widest selection of blanks in the industry. The price range is from $80 to over $300. The RODgeeks guide to the Best Fishing Line Blanks can be helpful to beginners and experienced anglers alike.

These blanks come in a variety of styles and materials. For instance, the X-ray MB7108 is seven feet long and can be cut down to seven feet three inches in length. The MB7109 is four-piece, split 25/25/25/25. The “2” in the model number refers to a two-piece blank. The four-piece version has more power.

The RODgeeks guide to St. Croix Blanks can also help you choose the correct blank for your needs. The best option for you depends on your fishing style and the price range. A six-foot model costs about $100, while a nine-foot blank is $200. You can even customize your rod with St. Clair’s blanks in custom colors.

Inshore SW blanks from Rodgeeks are designed for Billy Vivona, an avid fisherman from St. Croix, USA. The rods took nearly a year to develop and required six different changes to achieve the exact same performance characteristics. Each blank has various unique features to cater to anglers and builders alike. In addition to their unique design, Rodgeeks offer a wide selection of sizes and weights.

RODgeeks has a large inventory of a variety of different blanks. Remember to consider buying more than one blank when making your order. You never know when a new round will come your way! There are a variety of brands and colors to suit your needs.

Another benefit of RODgeeks is that they are a great place to buy blanks for your new rifle or shotgun. The company offers a wide variety of blanks, but it’s important to note that shipping can be expensive. If you plan to buy multiple blanks, you should plan for the shipping cost. They are also a great way to save on shipping costs. In addition to being affordable, RODgeeks also offer a wide variety of blanks.

You can buy blanks at They are a very affordable option, but they will charge you shipping. The shipping will be about $18 to $30, depending on the size of the blank. If you are buying a blank for your rifle, you might as well consider buying multiples. You can then shoot more than one gun at once, as you can’t afford to lose a single shot!

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