Howies Bait And Tackle

Howie’s Bait and Tackle is a full-service tackle center located in Sturgeon Bay, WI.  This supply store serves Door County and the surrounding area.  They seem to be more specialized in providing fishing equipment along with the necessary complementary accessories.  If you look, geographically this store specializes in providing fishing equipment in Lake Michigan and Green Bay.

 This shop can be good news for anglers who feel something is missing when carrying a variety of fishing gear and equipment.  Check out what we can see at the Howies Bait And Tackle shop, they offer a lot of extra support for fishing gear to make your fishing trip even more enjoyable and catch lots of fish.  Whether you’re a beginner or a senior, you’ll find the right tool for your needs at Howie.

 If you’re new to fishing or want to learn more about fishing in general, Howies Bait and Tackle is the place to be.  They also offer a large selection of live baits, try asking about the baits they have or grab some artificial lures for you to use.  Again This is the best place to look for fishing gear. 

 If you want to have a great experience, come and try some of their fishing gear for yourself.  Maybe you will be able to feel the sensation of comfort through the complete equipment services they offer.  Even if you spend a full day on the water, all your worries will be fulfilled 

 Meanwhile, if you are just adding a new hobby in fishing or want to further improve your fishing skills, their staff will help advise on the right equipment for the job.  Whether you’re a novice or experienced fisherman, Howies will provide the perfect answer to what you’re looking to find out about fishing gear.  So, no need to hesitate anymore to visit there.

 But who would have thought, you can also visit their website to see a wide selection of interesting products available?  They have a wide selection of baits that are very easy for you to have, among the products we can see are the Tube Jig 3/16 oz, Howie Fly;  Blue Donkey Glow, Howie Tube 47, Meat Rig Green Glow, Marabou Blk/Purp 3/32 oz, Shroom Head Jig 1/8oz.  For the price of the bait itself also varies, and you should make sure the budget for buying it is between $4-$21.

 Are you planning a weekly fishing trip with your family, with business colleagues, a date, or are you a first-time fisherman alone?  Howie’s will cater to what you need and their knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help and suggest the best alternative options for your fishing needs.

 They offer the latest fishing equipment and accessories.  Whether you’re planning a day of fishing or just need a few essential tools to help you catch a few fish, this shop is sure to have the right equipment for the task.  Howie’s can also provide a CV-55 Copper Set-up for $179.99 or a Gift Certificate as a fun memory for $50.  Quite a fun place to serve a variety of rates provided.

 You can also contact Howie’s Bait and Tackle by telephone, fax or email provided on the contact page of their website.  This will make it very easy for those of you who want to check from a distance or plan to come at a later time.  Because of the location and fishing conditions are ready to be used, it will certainly add to the perfect feel of your holiday activities.  And it will definitely dispel any doubts if you want to have a fishing party in the coming month.

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