10 Best Strong and Quality Fishing Rod Brands!

Fishing is not only a hobby, but it is also often used for games and sports. However, you should know that the area of ​​​​the fishing area also affects the fishing gear you use. Well, one of the most important fishing rods when fishing is a fishing rod.

The rod itself acts as a fishing rod that attaches to a reel holder or as shelter for a kangaroo or line that guides the fish’s lure. Additionally, the fishing rod’s function is to safely protect your hands from the friction of the thread as it resists the tug of the fish.

So you can decide on your comfort when fishing. In fact, some fishing rods are made to specific specifications so that the fisherman can apply specific techniques. As mentioned earlier, different fishing grounds mean that the fishing rods used are also fixed.

Type Of Fishing Rod

The following types of fishing rods are suitable for fishing areas:

  • Spinning rod: saltwater and fresh
  • Baitcasting Rod: Swamp
  • Throwing a fishing rod for surfing: coral reefs and beaches
  • Pop Road: Sea, Lake, Coral
  • Ice fishing rod: lake, pond, frozen place
  • Fishing rods: rivers and lakes
  • Telescopic Fishing Paths: Ponds, Lakes
  • Bamboo Fishing Rod: Pond
  • Pole Rods: Ponds and Rivers
  • Before you decide to buy one of the best fishing rod brands, it’s good to know how to choose a fishing rod that can be tailored to your fishing needs.

Tips For Choosing A Fishing Rod

  • It adapts the hunting skills you normally do.
  • Adapts to the intended fishing area, such as sea, pond, lake, river, swamp or beach Pay attention to the pulleys used and the appropriate rods.
  • Well, you already know at a glance information about fishing rods, their types and how to choose them.

For those who are looking for the best fishing rod brand, we have compiled a list of 10 brands we recommend from beginners to experts.

10 Best Fishing Rod Brands

1. Shimano

Shimano is the number one leading fishing rod brand in Japan. Shimano itself, famous for its high quality, is a Japanese company founded in 1921.

The company supplies bicycle parts and also produces fishing tackle products of unquestionable quality. This fishing rod is very suitable for fishing in both freshwater and saltwater fishing areas.

The Shimano fishing brand also has premium types of fishing rods that are definitely higher quality than others.

Price: Approx. IDR 169,500 – IDR 7,927,000

2. Maguro

Maguro fishing rod is one of the best fishing rod brands and is very popular among Indonesian fishermen, so it is trusted as a high quality fishing tackle. These fishing rods come in different types at different prices and are tailored to your needs.

Meremaguro has been marketing its own fishing gear products since 2000, from fishing rods, hooks and other accessories.

Price: Approx. IDR 85,000 – IDR 3,500,000

3. Relix

Do you want a fishing rod with a luxurious and elegant feel? Relix’s best fishing rod brand may be an option. This rod is also highly recommended for ultra-light anglers who can catch both large and small fish.

Relix itself has been shaded by PT Central Sarana Pancing, which has been around since 1991 and is one of Indonesia’s local fishing gear brands. Therefore, the quality is not inferior to that of foreign fishing rod brands.

Price: Approx. IDR 90,000 – IDR 900,000

4. Exori

Made of carbon and fiber material, Exori is also included in the list of best fishing rod brands for anglers in Indonesia.

Also, the prices offered are very reasonable compared to other brands of fishing rods, but still of good quality. This fishing rod can be used for fishing in other fishing grounds despite the weight of large fish.

Price: Approx. IDR 85,000 – IDR 663,000

5. Kenji

Here is my treasure trove of one of the best fishing rod brands available as options for both beginners and professional anglers.

Meanwhile, Kenzi fishing rods have many advantages, from different sizes, colors, and flexible or flexible materials to affordable prices. This design allows for easy handling of the rod, especially for novice anglers.

Price: Approx. 60,000-1,136,000 IDR

6. Pioneer

Already well known to the public, especially anglers, the Pioneer brand is included in the list of best fishing rod brands. That’s because Pioneer fishing rods are known for being flexible, strong, and not easily broken.

So you can catch fish that weigh a lot. However, despite the high quality, the price of this fishing rod is also affordable. So with this brand of fishing rods that have been trusted since 1938, there is no need to hesitate.

Price: Approx. IDR 79,000 – IDR 2,051,000

7. Tornado

The best brand of fishing rods for everyday use is Tornado. This rod is very suitable for use in fishing areas such as riverbanks, lakes, beaches and ponds/ponds. Constructed from carbon material, this rod is lightweight and does not break easily.

The design is also luxurious and elegant, making it suitable for both beginners and experts alike for female and male anglers.

Price: Approx. IDR 50,000 – IDR 779,000

8. Abu Garcia

As the oldest fishing rod brand, Abu Garcia might even be named one of the best fishing rod brands in existence since 1921.

Abu Garcia itself is a merger of manufacturing company Abu (AB Urfabriken) and sports company Garcia Corporation, resulting in Abu Garcia.

This fishing rod also has advantages in terms of material, so it is lightweight, adapts easily to the fishing spot and is comfortable for long-term use.

So, when it comes to Abu Garcia fishing rod brands, they are often used by professional anglers like Mike Iaconelli and Fletcher Schreuck.

Price: Approx. IDR 307,000 – IDR 3,250,000

9. With a child

The next recommended fishing rod brand is the Aiwa brand, known for its flexibility. This fishing rod is made of textile material and ceramic coating, so it will not break easily in some types.

The iron used does not rust, so if you want to fish in the sea, this fishing rod is safe in seawater.

Price: Approx. IDR 75900 – IDR 588000

10. Seahawk

The last brand of fishing rods is the Seahawk brand, which is dedicated to sea fishing. As with the special feature of offshore fishing, this rod is strong and does not break easily.

The Seahawk fishing rod brand produces not only one, but several types, namely the sea rod type and the rock rod type.

Not only are these fishing rods sturdy and not easily brittle, they are also made of coated ceramic and resistant to rust.

Price: Approx. 85,000 – 480,000 IDR

Well, here are some recommendations for the best brands of fishing rods to choose from before you buy.

Adjust the rod to fit your pocket according to your needs, fishing area and comfort.

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