Fish Toad, Voracious Predatory Fish

Toad fish In fact, the sea frog is the name given to the colored frog (Antennarius pictus). Some people often refer to this animal as a Toad Fish. why? This is because these animals often use their fins to walk on the seabed. However, like fish in general, these Toad Fish can still actually swim.

This fish lives in tropical and subtropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, including the Red Sea and Indonesian waters. As a rule, these fish live at a depth of 15 m – 75 m. However, most of these fish live at a depth of 15 meters and hide in rocky areas, coral reefs or sponges.

Fish Toad adapted

These Toad Fish can grow up to 30 cm tall and the main color of adult Toad Fish is black and white. If the Toad Fish is small, the main color is dark with yellow spots.

These fish can change the color of their body to resemble their surroundings. This is done to deceive predators and deceive their prey when hunting with poison toad fish.

Greedy Carnivores Toad Fish

Because of their large mouth, these fish can easily catch their prey. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these fish to prey on animals the same size as their own.

Mud Toad Fish have many thorns. The first vertebra (lysium) turns into a fishing tackle. Fishing gear is usually useful for attracting the attention of small fish that will be prey. The second vertebra is straight and flexible. Then the third vertebra is bent to the back of the body.

Oh yes, Toad Fish Florida also have angled pectoral fins along with their pelvic fins. It is the fins that help him walk on the seabed.

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