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Golden fish is one of the most popular species for fish lovers. This fish has graceful movements with mostly orange to red scales and requires a habitat in calm, clear water conditions. In addition to one fish, goldfish are often sold at a relatively low price per kilogram.

Features of Golden Fish

Initially, goldfish were intended for consumption only by the Chinese since 400 BC. Carp is also cultured and spread all over the world in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. In Indonesia, carp farming developed in the 1920s in large lakes, reservoirs and even floating cages, found mainly on the islands of Java and Sumatra.

Goldfish are omnivorous species that live in fresh waters where currents are not very strong. This fish can live well at a water level of 150-600 meters above sea level at a temperature of 25-30 ° C. Goldfish eat a variety of foods, but prefer crustaceans such as rotifers, protozoa and moena sp. and Daphnia sp. Only after reaching a body size of about 10 cm, fish search for food in the form of Chironomidae, Oligochaeta, Epemenidae, Tubificidae, Mollusca and other organic matter.

One of the aquarium fish, diva of the Indonesian people, has the Latin name Cyprinus carpio. Of course, there are those who call it carp. In fact, goldfish has nearly a dozen different names, including kancra, tikeu, tombru, raja, rayo, and ameh, and there are also many other names that are commonly referred to depending on the area of ​​distribution.

The body of the carp has relatively long dorsal fins, hard spines on the back, and serrated teeth on the third and fourth fins. The pectoral fin is relatively large, covered with gills to the tip of the base of the tail. Since the fins are located in the center of the body, they are classified as lateral circular scales.

The pharyngeal teeth of goldfish consist of each row in the form of molars. Goldfish love to be at the edge of a pond and have a unique habit of moving the bottom of the pond called a bottom feeder.
Goldfish reproduce by egg method. That is, sexual reproduction is characterized by the release of male and female eggs that occur outside the body from sperm and fertilization outside the body. The eggs are sticky, so during spawning, goldfish usually search for aquatic plants and grassy areas that cover the surface of the water.

Type The Gold Fish

  • Carp: long, round body and whole scales. The scales come in different colors.
  • Funten Goldfish: Short body, dark green scales and relatively prominent eyes.
  • Crossed Goldfish: The body is relatively long and the small hole is not visible.
  • Majalaya Goldfish: Short body, gray-green scales.
  • Taiwan goldfish: long body, yellow and green scales

How to Hatchery of Golden Fish

A good seeding step is spawning from the first year of life. Spawning is usually done through natural stimulation, that is, the creation of a drying convoy and the binding of the eggs. A pair of fish are collected in a fish spawning pond and then wait for the eggs to be fertilized.

The next step is to return the mother to the mother pond and process the eggs so that the embryos can develop. In the early stages, eggs are given two days to hatch. Hatched larvae were cared for for 3-5 days and then transferred to the first incubation.

During the care of the larvae for up to 3 weeks in the first nursery ponds, their size reaches 2-3 cm. Normal feed is fed for 5-7 days with fertilizers, such as chicken manure and stagnant water. Then store the fish larvae. When the density reaches 100-200 head / m2, additional feed in the form of bran is given. Larvae density above 400 head/m2 of fed wheat flour with 38% protein content differed by volume.

The next step is a second nursery ready to grow in ponds and paddy fields until carp reaches 2-3 cm and 100-150 cm for each fish. For those who want to do a nursery, it is recommended to pay attention to the content of organic matter in the pond.

Basic advice in carp farming is to adapt a consistent diet to the needs of the fish. You should also pay attention to an ideal water system in the form of providing one dam gate for each pond. You should also be able to deal with the annoying pest problem while sowing. It is best to drain the pond at the end of the harvest. Always pay attention to the number of fish in each pond. The reason is that although goldfish are relatively active, they do not like murky waters.

Goldfish Price 1 Kg

The price of carp per kilo ranges from IDR 20,000 to IDR 140,000. Then, in 2021 the price of carp per 1 kilogram is still relatively stable from 2020. However, there are some locations that have experienced price increases. For example, in Medan, the price has increased slightly from IDR 34 thousand to IDR 35 thousand. Similarly, the price of carp per kg in Bandung increased from IDR 26 thousand to IDR 32 thousand.

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