10 Most Expensive Types of Ornamental Fish in the World

Ornamental fish always have a special attraction, especially for lovers of rare and hard-to-find aquarium fish. Basically, these aquarium fish are divided into two types: saltwater (sea) aquarium fish and freshwater aquarium fish. To be sure, these two types of aquarium fish have their own unique characteristics and treatment methods, including the types of food they can eat.

However, maintaining saltwater aquarium fish is actually more complex compared to maintaining freshwater aquarium fish in general. Among the many interesting things about aquarium fish, the high price is definitely something to forget.

There are many popular and popular aquarium fish on the market, some of which are highly regarded. Without frost, some species of aquarium fish are sold for billions.

With this in mind, making aquarium fish as a money-making hobby is definitely worth considering. In addition to having fun, you can also expect big returns from this one activity. The most expensive aquarium fish ever traded are:

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1. Arowana Platinum (Rp 5.5 million)

The rarest and most sought-after aquarium fish, Arowana Platinum is currently the world’s most expensive aquarium fish. This type of freshwater fish, found in Africa, America and Southeast Asia, is currently the cheapest. In addition, arowana platinum usually has a special chip on its body, which has been implanted to distinguish it from other fish.

2. Angel mint fish (Rp 400 million)

The ornamental fish is one of the rarest aquarium fish and was last opened to the public in 2012. The unique pattern with red and white stripes on the body makes the peppermint angelfish look very attractive, and it is a level of difficulty to acquire that requires the use of special vehicles that can reach certain depths under the sea.

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3. Bladevin Baslet (Rp 135 million)

The average Bladefin Basslet measures only 1.5 inches in size and is actually quite small and definitely hard to hold. These fish can be found in the deep waters around the Caribbean Sea and typically only live in coral crevices on the seabed. To bring these little aquarium fish home.

4. Golden Barslet (Rp 110 million)

These shy sea fish can be found around the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. His shy personality makes him feel like he’s been hiding in the house for a long time, making it increasingly difficult to find him. Golden Basslet usually requires specially crafted traps.

5. Neptune grouper (Rp 80 million)

The Neptune Grouper is a deep-sea aquarium fish, but can sometimes be seen even in slightly shallow areas. These fish have different patterns and can be different when they are young and when they are adults. If at a young age this fish has a yellow-orange pattern, in maturity this pattern turns yellow-red.

6. Nami Green Arwana (Rp 70 million)

Although the Nami Green Arowana is not the rarest type of Arowana, it has experienced significant population decline during this period. Freshwater fish, often found in Asian freshwater, are now difficult to find as many fish are targeted. This also creates higher prices in the market.

7. Australian Flathead Perch (Rp 67 million)

One of the most difficult aquarium fish to catch, the Australian Flathead Perch prefers to hide in coral crevices. These fish only come out for a while, that is, when they are looking for food. If you want it, diving to the bottom of the ocean is not negotiable. At this level of difficulty, it is normal for Australian flat-headed chicks to be expensive.

8. Wrought Iron Butterfly Fish (Rp 32 million)

Measuring only about 6 inches in size, this is a small type of fish that is commonly found in Japanese waters. Wrought-iron butterfly fish are classified as a class of butterfly fish, which are rather agile and very interesting in their movements. Wrought iron butterfly fish have a grayish-black base color with additional bright yellow stripes around their fins.

9. Clarion Angelfish (Rp 30 million)

These aquarium fish can be found in Mexico’s Pacific Coast region, the Leviaguedo Islands, especially around the remote Chipperton Island. Despite their relatively small size, the Clarion Angelfish has a beautiful, bright color that makes it very attractive to collectors. An official permit from the Mexican government is required to keep these fish.

10. Candy Baselt (Rp 14 million)

These saltwater aquarium fish can be found along the Curacao coast in the Caribbean waters. Although this rare fish belongs to a group of aquarium fish that are very rich in color, they are rather difficult to find.

His good ability and love to hide among the coral crevices makes Candy Basslet only be found in certain spots. To get it, it takes tremendous effort to dive under the sea. But now that Candy Barslets are starting to grow, you can buy them directly from breeders.

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